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not because of government. companies were carved by bacteria simply to protect their brand. competition, device the pipes are reputation, it protects us much better than government over well. that is our show. i am john stossel, thank you for watching. [a[a >> i am pratt tee ann brown. >> i a heather cheryleds. thank you for watching "fox friends first." >> overnight two suspects have been detained after a coast guard member was killed in santa cruz island in california. chef petty officer terrell horns suffered a traumatic head injury
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after suspected smugglers rammed his boat sending him into the water. another cost guard member was also injured. >> a confessed serial killer has been found dead in his jail cell. israel keys was found dead in an apparent suicide. police are linking him to at least 7 other murders. cops say he confessed to killing the 18-year-old woman as well as a vermont couple. he then told them he killed 4 people in washington state and one in new york. >> the trial for the suspected wikileaks suspect bradley manning delayed. it is take longer than expected. the trial will start in mid march. he is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents he could face life in prison if convicted. >> the six boys ages 12 and 13
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left on a hike with two troop leaders friday night. they were supposed to come home the sheriff launched a full search he spotted them along the trail on sunday as they ran out of water. luckily everybody was okay. >> an actor a ballerina a blues man a funny man and three rockers. the kennedy centers are showing the heist honor to an eclectic group of performers. >> we have got money guy sitting next to cudustin hoffman. we have got dave letterman along side one of the greatest ballerina of all times. i don't think they dance. all three living members of led zeppelin in one place. >> the kennedy center noerns are the heist award for those who influenced american culture due
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to art. congratulations to all. that is your 5@5:00. with a few weeks until the year end fiscal cliff there is still no deal in sight. both sides are showing no signs of budging. kelly wright is live in washington with details for us. less than month ago for tax hikes. they automatically place democrats and republicans are further apart on a the plan. tim geithner changed the plan last week. that plan calls for 1.6 trillion of higher taxes over the next decade $50 billion stimulus package and provide 600 billion in spending cuts. he is waiting for root pe kaub cans to respond to the plan for the president's proposal. >> we think that's a good set of
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proposals and good for the economy. if they have different suggestions they should slay it out to us. >> republican leaders should make the deeper cuts on medicare, medicaid and social security. as for raising taxes on the wealthy, republicans want a great higher revenue for closing loopholes and limiting deductions not a tax hike. they are not pleased with the president's proposal. i was flabber fasted. i looked at them said you can't be serious. i have never seen anything like it. >> three of the weeks have been wasted. >> tim geithner agrees time is of the essence. he fires back at boehner saying there's no reason they should fall off the fiscal cliff adding the only reason why it would happen is if a group of members
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of congress decide they are going to block an agreement because they want to extend the tax rates for the rich. back to you. >> kelly wright, thank you. it's time for a look at who is talking. another big talker down on capitol hill the september 11th attack on consulate in benghazi. >> we know there was intelligence leading up to the attacks that warned of security risks. diane fine stein is one of the chairs on congress's intelligence committee has been leading the investigation as to what went wrong with libya. now she says it is knotted the intelligence that should be blamed but instead the decision makers. i have reviewed all of the threat warnings by the intelligence community. there were multiple threat warnings well over 200. i have read the priority warnings. i believe the ingenls is good. you can't blame the intelligence. they didn't make the right
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decision. >> the security warning is what congressman mike rogers is also talking about this morning. there was gross negligence in protecting benghazi. >> the more we know about this, i think diane said it well, the intelligence was good. the threat stream was very clear leading up to that 9-11 event and what happened even two-days later we had another event killed four people tunisians protecting the u.s. embassy. in a matter of two-days you have an al qaeda affiliated event. all of that was right. what i found gross negligence was that they did not take the right precautions to protect the ambassador and consulate. nor did they have the right plans to place to get them out. it is a serious event. >> later in the show we will
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also hear from lindsey graham he will say whether he thinks rice should be the next secretary of state. >> before you head out the door this morning a quick check of the weather forecast. >> maria molina in the weather center for us. >> good morning patti ann and heather. the big story with the weather is pretty much the entire country is going to be enjoying temperatures well above average for this time of year. take a look at the current temperature already in the 60s kansas city dallas and antonio. new york city on the mild side current temperature at 50 degrees. when you factor in the warm temperatures and humidity in place we are going to have to deal with areas of dense fog and that's the story across portions of great lakes in chicago, portions of the southeast and city of new orleans part of southern texas so we can be see can the weather related tropical
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delays. take it easy out there. across portions of the midwest coastal areas of the southeast. 82 degrees will be the high temperature in dallas.antonio. upper 50s in new york city. upper 60s in the city of chicago. very unseasonable for this time of year. we are looking at upper 70s in the city of phoenix. we are looking at areas in the midwest. that frontal system exiting the rockies into portions of the dakotas and nebraskas. not a big deal with showers and storms. behind that system is when you start to notice a bit of a cool down in temperatures. we have showers through the northeast overnight now drying out and dealing with warm temperatures. heather and patty ann everybody get out and enjoy it while we have it. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. now to stories you can bank
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on. thanks to oh line holiday shopping. fox business network to explain that with adam shapiro. did you do shopping on-line? >> i got my sister-in-law, i got her a dvd stars keira knightley. i bet you are a love action kind of woman. on monday you could have gotten these for 5 bucks at people were shopping. it was cyber week. cyber monday had sales of 1.5 billion. but tuesday and wednesday were over a billion dollars. this was the best we have had over to 11 up the whole week almost 11 percent. 5.4 billion spent on-line. it will not be called cyber monday it will be cyber week. instead of live in phoenix for one day, send me to phoenix for one week. i love the sun. >> i love that they got extended. the best and worse housing
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markets. >> over the next five years we will see housing prices go up. some are going to sky rocket others aren't going to grow that much. best housing markets oregon expected to go up something like 11.2 percent. panama city florida 7.9 percent. california go up 8.8 percent. not great increases miami florida expect to do fall and fort lauderdale down two tenths of a cent. >> florida is nyes pla place toy for the holidays if you need extra leg room it comes as a price. >> you can buy extra leg room without having to go into first class. if you don't want the regular 31-32 inch seat you get the 34 inch 79 bucks. 79 bucks.
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>> the best deal is virgin atlantic. $98 you get 30 inches. a lot more leg room. if you are over 6 feet might be a great deal. >> an nfl foot paul player murders his girlfriend. >> foreign chin might be much smarter than the average american kid. there's a plan to fix that. longer school days across the country. is that a good idea. we will have that next. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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>> here's what you missed while you were sleeping. san francisco subway system is back up and running again this morning after flooding. they were pouter outages the the pumps were overwhelmed with the amount of water. >> an alleged maternity mansion near los angeles. pregnant chinese women pay up to 15,000 dollars to have their babies there. so the children are automatically american citizens. they issued a cease and desist order to the home oren. >> recorded audio has been released after a shocking murder suicide involving jaf von bele
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chere. eric burke has more. the first call saturday morning wasn't out of the ordinary for police. >> a short time later a potentially related call was anything but ordinary. >> >> it wasn't long before police at the home of bele chere would tell them the calls were connected. >> as officers were racing to arrowhead they were on their way
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to their home. her condition was grim. in police terms there's a high likelihood she wouldn't make it. once paramedics had they are in the ambulance the fears were concerned. >> early 20s female, she has been shot about three or four times. one to the chest one to the neck one to the abdomen all went through. >> paramedics tried to keep her alive but it was a loosing battle. >> we are doing cpr nothing shockable. >> she was pronounced dead at the hospital. meanwhile police were arriving at the training facility to another disturbing scene. before police could get to him
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belcher made the decision. >> shots fired. >> at the bottom of the hour we will have more on what friends believe may have contributed to belcher's mental state. >> it is time to brew on this kids in five dates will be spending more time in schools colorado, massachusetts, new york and tennessee will have 300 hours of class time from schools in 2013. i don't know what the students feel about that but it is a 3 year pilot program aimed at giving kids a more rounded education making them more successful at class and making schools more competitive globally. if you wanted to know these 3 extra hours of schooling are okay or beyond the line. >> e-mail us at fox friends
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first@fox the victims of hurricane sandy had to go for weeks now being played withoextra on thei bills. >> predictions that claim america needs another bill bailout. this for students who can't afford to pay for school. would you be willing to pay up?
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>> 22 after the hour.
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take a look at this. a tree crushes a car trapping an oregon couple inside. they had just parked when the tree snapped at its roots and fell on them. amazingly firefighters were able to pull them out through a small opening. customers from the new jersey power company are up in arms they were about to get slapped with a hurricane price hike. the power company will have to raise customer's monthly bills by 1.4 percent. patti ann? >> another student loan delinquency is reaching an all-time high. for the first time it topped credit card debt. will this lead to the next daleout? let's ask san trau smith who joins us from fox business network. >> one of the problems is rising cost of college tuition. it is increasing at a rate much higher than the cost of living.
2:24 am
we have a graph to show. economists are blaming the federal government entering the student loan market. it is creating a bubble like the housing bubble. >> in the school year 93 percent of all student loans were government issued loans. these aren't private loans we are talking about here this is the government getting into the college business and driving up tuition prices. now you have more and more folks falling behind on these payments as overall student debt sky rockettes in the country. the overall level of consumer debt is way down since the recession. this is the one area ballooning. those that are behind on the payments 90 or more days now stand at 11 percent. it is around 9 percent. people can't afford to pay off their debt especially if they
2:25 am
are out of a job. >> the problem is the federal government owns these loans so the taxpayers foot the bill. it is a bailout we heard president obama talk about capping those interest rates that are going up. they have doubled in many circumstances. they could tax them. they could for give those interest rates all together or they have seen talked about for giving some of these students loans that exist out there today. because 93 percent of all student loans in the last year were issued by the government you are talking about taxpayers ofrnt hook for this. as it goes away we are all paying for it. this is a huge problem in this country nearly a trillion dollars in outstanding student debt right now. 956 billion on the table. >> so what is the solution? >> they certainly -- -- the president has talked about interest rates are a big problem right now. record survey shows more than 50 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds
2:26 am
are moving into their parents when they grad kuwauate college. they have capped the interest rates for give them for a certain amount of time or forgive a certain amount of debt or back off at issuing the federal loans patti. let the loans go more private maybe then we won't have colleges jacking up the tuition rates and making it hard for everyone to go to sc that can't for it are really paying the price. heather? >> should girls be able to join fraternities for the sake of making things fair? we will have the story straight ahead. stay tuned for that. when hurricane sandy tore his home apart neighbors stepped up to help. wait until you hear what they did and see the look of shock on his face. this is a great story. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> welcome back i am heather cheryleds. >> i am patti ann browne. thanks for staying with us. time for your 5@5:30.
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top stories there are new details in what may have triggered the suicide by-line backer belche reshg. he was battling football related head injuries also taking pain-killers and had short term memory loss. the friend also claims belcher's girlfriend threatened to leave for good because of their frequent arguments. moment of center lines for domestic violence before the game against the panthers. the chiefs had an emotional win a day after the tragedy. >> army ammunitions plant 270 miles northwest of new orleans. police launching a criminal investigation after uncovering 6 million pounds of explosives that were stored illegally. boxes were found outdoors and crammed into unauthorized
2:32 am
buildings leaseed by the company's explosive system. the line is being forced to evacuate. they began investigating the company after an explosion at the site in october. >> social and academic image trinity college in connecticut are forcing all greek life in campus to go completely co ed. the sororities and fraternities are in danger of being shut down. the charters that include members of the opposite sex are not recognized by national greek organizations. 4,000 opponents signed an on-line petition asking the administration to reconsider. shocking allegations at an elementary school. the mother of a 7-year-old boy says he was forced to wet his pants because he didn't have enough good behavior credits to go to the bathroom. sonya says her son came home crying after the incident.
2:33 am
student should be able to visit the bathroom but whenever needed but will not discipline the teacher. >> hurricane sandy victim surprised with the new home. >> there isn't a word in the dictionary to express my appreciation and my happiness. it is very wonderful. >> 95-year-old was living without heat, power or water after the storm left his long island home in ruins. a contractor saw his story and decided to help. volunteers gutted the house and rebuilt it top to bottom. >> he didn't know me from adam. i didn't know him from adam. look. you see what he did? he's wonderful. >> that he is the contractor mike dove and he says he plans to help more storm victims rebuild their lives, too. good for him. >> that is your 5@5:30.
2:34 am
>> he is definitely a hero for sure. >> the fear in fiscal cliff. there is no deal in sight and both sides showing no signs of budging. doug luzader is live with us with details. have they reached a deal overnight? did that happen? >> nothing yet. despite early optimism they might reach a deal before the end of the year there are some that think we will head over at the end of the year. the economy could enter the year into another recession. the white house took great care to make sure the president was barely seen as he headed out for a big golf outing. the clock meanwhile keeps ticking an the point man the president's point man in fiscal cliff negotiations took to five sunday talk shows to make the administration's case.
2:35 am
we think that's a very good set of proposals that's what is good for the economy. if they have got different suggestions twhaent to go further in some areas they should lay it out to us. >> the president's plan called for $1.6 trillion in new taxes over the next decade mostly with the wealthy. those would be sure. less sure the promised spending cuts republicans say might never actually happen. the government takes more money through the tax hikes but spend more money. making the debt even higher. >> i am flabbergasted. i looked at him and said we can't be serious. we have put a serious offer on the table to put revenues up there to try to get the question resolved. the white house responded with virtually nothing. >> they have a plan republicans lack specific. one thing that appears to be a nonstarter is the white house proposal to give the president broad new authority to almost unilaterally raise the nation's
2:36 am
debt limit without the kind of congressional over site currently in place. doug luzader thank you very much. time now to take a look at who is talking and this morning we are hearing from senator lindsay graham. we have heard changes to the president's cabinet could be coming sooner rather than later one of the changes secretary of state. >> susan rice is one of the top contenders to replace hillary clinton. that's what lindsey graham has been talking about. he has been critical about benghazi. here is his reaction to her possible nomination. >> if you believe she is the best person in this country you have a lot of people to turn to to be secretary of state that she is the most talented and gifted. i am inclined the presidential choices i voted for every candidate official almost all of
2:37 am
president obama's judges. when it comes to susan rice i find great fault with what shea has done. in another areas. when it comes to secretary of state. this is up to the president. senator john kerry another name rumored to be a possible replacement for hillary clinton. >> time for a check of today's weather with maria molina. >> good morning once again good morning everywup. mild and warm temperatures across the big chunk of the country. everyone will be enjoying temperatures right where they should be this time of year or up to 30 degrees above average. 60s in new york city and over across portions of the midwest. a little warmer during the
2:38 am
afternoon hours. 46 for the current temperature. the warm temperature is also moisture in the atmosphere it will be over dense areas of fog. many people will be dealing with that today. if you are doing any flying over the chicago o'hare airport you will be seeing those delays due to the fog that will be in the atmosphere in the area. widespread 80s across the state of texas well into average in december. high temperature in kansas city. as we head westbound a lull patti ann and heather we have to deal with a lot of heavy rain over the weekend. >> thank you very much maria. patti ann? >> all right thanks heather and maria. it is time now to entertain this and check out heidi klum.
2:39 am
>> they went through a haunted holiday party this weekend in new york city. it was postponed. they rescheduled it as a benefit for victims. >> shania twain returning to the stage after 8 years. the 47-year-old kicking off her new bgig at caesar's palace in las vegas. she will perform several dozens of shows there. >> twilight breaking dawn par c ii does it again raking in 17.4 million. sky fall in second with 17 million and in third lincoln which raked in 13 and a half million dollars. oh >> go shania. time for the starting lineup. your top sports stories cowboys quarterback tony roam mow against the eagles.
2:40 am
he broke the franchise record of touchdown passes. they won to keep their playoff hopes alive. ryan back in court about the greeting. they are on their own touchdown ground. he was inactive because of injured ribs. ryan won't say thwho will win i they pete the dolphins. they beat the bucks to score the second straight asc west championship. they beat the tight tons. did you get all of that? >> the jets part certainly. image driving to work when the tunnel you are driving through suddenly starts to
2:41 am
collapse. that horrific scene will happen to come drivers. we will have the details coming up. >> the brew on this question of the day united states students falling hine. should they add extra hours to the average student's day? we will have detroit tails next. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch.
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>> welcome back. almost 15 minutes until the top of the hour. let's span the globe to see what stories are making headlines for you overseas. >> rescue efforts are suspended at the site of a tunnel collapse. nine people were killed when the ceiling busy highway. this happened near the cars. next to australia a surf will resume today for a 9-year-old boy snaped by a crocodile. he was dragged under water until
2:45 am
troops feared at the crocodile. he got away. heather, sales in other industries have diminished after super storm randy but the gun industry getting a surprise sky rocketing sales. anna kooiman has that story. >> they are being reported across the country politics mere lawmakers have gun control laws. residents wanted to proi text themselves following super storm sandy. on black fy they are 159 calls for back grond checks. >> 139,000. small centers even have to stop taking calls frm they had to hurricane bucustomers away duri 1:00 on the busiest day of the
2:46 am
we're. oo you have had return sandy onnot only do we correct niez it but they may be in it a position to say this is what i found. >> 33 percent of women last year reported owning a new bun which is a high. manufacturers are marketing more to women with pink bunguns and access -- assess res. some women aren't interested in owning the pink firearm or having their own at all. they simply want training for self defense especially if there are guns to the home. in the class i really enjoyed it. i have a couple of guns myself. >> dnra reports that over the past four or five years there has been an expo tension increase in women tar piss
2:47 am
tating in safety classes. pom only funny programs. in new york, santa could -- ann kooiman for fox news. earlier today we told you about five states adding 300 hours of school time to give students a more rounded education douchlt think all of the extra hours are skwujust fir over the line? >> doug says it is at least a start. we are so far behind it may not be enough. parents need to be more sproved, too. >> jessica tweeted i think having students in the school longer will make a positive difference but only for those who want to be there. >> chuck in florida says the problem isn't too school hours it is bad for union teachers could want keep fires. >> the good news is you are not too late.
2:48 am
christmas xoms early. home hor the holidays ta what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up it's his job to blow things up. he calls himself the red net rocket scientist. he will be here live. ain't this aunt who turn the company around stop buys to show off his new set of wheels. donald trump with join us. part shin martin's. >> did men's are from right know. durp du
2:49 am
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>> they have vacation days wleftover? 2012. here with last minute tips for deals this holiday season travel expert chris mcginnis. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> no getting around high prices during the holidays, though, is there? >> the holidays are the most expensive time of year. the average fair is $454. that's expensive. it was typically around 300. you have to do things that give as much value as possible. one good idea as long as you are spending all of this money on air fair, dining out you need to put your charges on the right credit card. so if you use a credit card like chase sapphire credit card two points per dollar done. you are earning these miles that you can use when you have to pay all of this money next year. it will be just as expensive
2:53 am
next year. >> there dead weeks. >> if you have the flexibility to travel during the dead week this is when travel volume is at the lowest between thanksgiving and christmas right after christmas. you are looking at air fair that is are maybe 30 percent of what you pay during peak holiday travel season. if you don't want to spend $600 postpone your trip to january and you will spend maybe two or 300. >> one way tickets. >> nonstop flights very affordable. a lot of people are tempted by a cheaper two or one stop flight which means two planes. when you take two planes to get to your destination you are doubling your chances of getting caught in a weather related delay. even though you may spend a little more money think of it as an insurance premium again getting stuck in a places like denver or chicago in a
2:54 am
snowstorm. >> if you have a family who likes to party go to vegas over christmas. >> las vegas during christmas the week of christmas is the slowest week of the year in las vegas. new years does not count. just before that week of christmas you are looking at resorts like caesar's palace or the venetian which are five star luxury resorts that go for 4 or 500 a night 100 or 125 a night during christmas week. if christmas is not your thing go have fun in vegas. >> take the whole family to vegas. >> go to the spa, gamble. >> chris thank you so much. appreciate it. good tips and happy holidays merry christmas to you. >> patti ann? >> heather, a real life grinch steels christmas. the good the bad and the ugly coming up. would you consider your family christmas normal? we asked for your most bizarre and crazy christmas photos. we are sharing some of those next. they are funny.
2:55 am
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
♪ >> time now for the good, bad and ugly. first the good, heroes of the michigan national guard arriving home for the holidays. these brave men and women receiving a warm welcome from the friends and family. >> i miss my family, it has been a long rough ride. >> oh. they spent a year serving overseas in kuwait. welcome home. >> real life grench stealing christmas and coming to washington. the suspect tried get down the christmas tree. and finally the ugly. new york man hit by vandals. tree serves were splashed and
2:59 am
fueled. >> finally time for the awesomely bad christmas card and photos. here is some of the ones that we received. first one from jay and joe and their soon to be 15 year old . back to 1948 from old orchard beach, maine. >> 1948. >> that is awesome. >> and gen from tennessee. check out his little girl all the way to the right of the screenhard to miss. no one noticed his daughter was making all of the funny faces until the film was developed. >> it is hard to get them to look good in the pic

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